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Newbie Program

The CTC New Triathlete Training Plan is free with regular member dues of $40 annually (join here!) and goes from 3/23/2020 to the Pleasant Prairie Triathlon on 6/28/2020.

Plan preview and kick-off meeting 3/21/2020.
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Interested in trying a triathlon? Our Newbie program is here to help! 

Our goal is to help give first-time triathletes the tools to become comfortable and start training to swim, bike and run your way through your first event. The program is a training plan, group workouts, series of basic clinics, mentoring, and meetings specifically designed to help first-time triathletes learn the basics of each discipline within triathlon, as well as a few advanced clinics to help more experienced triathletes tune their sport.

You’ll have a chance to form friendships with other CTC newbies and veteran members, all of whom will help make the experience of your first race more enjoyable. For those who have a few tris under their belt and are looking to go farther or faster, our goal is to give you direction on how to take your training and racing to the next level!

Most of the clinics are free of charge with your CTC membership. However, a few are fee-based to help cover costs of facility usage. However, the fees are very minimal compared to its value since the program is organized and run by volunteers. 

Program Overview

CTC sponsor Well-Fit has designed a training plan to prepare first-time triathletes to complete the Pleasant Prairie sprint distance triathlon.

To get started, visit the following pages:

Thank you to our Sponsors!

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